Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Digital Edge widgets from Amazon

You know Amazon, one of the biggest online store on the internet.
Today we bring to you, what they call the Digital Edge widgets. Here we show only the mp3 widget. You can install on your blog the code for this widget in a simple and even automated way, right from Amazon.
You must register and open an account with Amazon, it does not means that you have to buy something from them, no, but you can sell all kind of items from them on your blog, making money for you.
Two advantages: you have fun in a digital way in your blog, and second, you can earn money from it. Yes, Amazon Digital Edge widgets are in fact mini digital stores. You can, in this case, of mp3 widget, ear the song, and buy the song, your blog visitors, too.
So why not give it a chance.

This is an example, don't be afraid to click on it, it will cost you nothing, you are not buying nothing, until you decide to. So go ahead and watch it on digital edge way.

we have another example on right side of this blog. As you see they can be modified to fit your space.

Amazon, also has video widgets, and Movie & Tv show preview widgets for all your needs.

Great blog widgets for free

I suggest you to look around this great place for free blog widgets at this link Widgets for free.
On this place you will find a huge collection of widget which can be easily put in your blog. This way yours will gain in life and dinamism.
We honestly recomend to visit this guys and watch all widgets, we're sure you will find one or maybe more which can fit on your needs.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Google gadgets for your blog

Google gadgets, and I'm not talking about widgets that can be found on blogger page, they can be found here.

There are 108 000 gadget waiting for you, jus go there and select yours.
Insert in your blog page with de HTML/javascript widget and ready to go.

Here is an example: We speak your language translator

When you embed this gadget on your site it lets visitors read your site in their language with Google Translate, over-the-phone interpretation, and professional text translation. We offer to share free access to all of the professional translations we do on your site. We can follow that up with complete translations and internationalization of your site.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

An example of Blidget

Blidget is a tool that lets publishers convert RSS feeds into Flash widgets.
The Blidget tool makes it easy to add an image to your widget, which can be helpful for branding or presentation purposes
At Widgetbox, as I said, you can build your own widget, called blidget, here you can see an example I made to show that.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The ultimate widget place: Widgetbox

Widgetbox is an internet place that allows you to use a huge number of different widgets you can find in it.
They are free.
Even you can build your own, with just two or three steps. The installation is automated for blogger, wordpress and others. In minutes you can made a Blidget
Enjoy at here.

Install the Chronme widget on your Blog

Chron-me give us a stopwatch widget. Now you can have your own Stopwatch on your blog or web and whenever your visitors need to keep track of their time they will have a reason to come back.

Follow this link and get your own stopwatch here.

Widget to get a value of your blog

This widget, gives you an evaluation of the value of your site or your blog, you can reach it here